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Request for access to data

Dear user, in accordance with applicable data processing regulations, you have the right to access your personal data and to withdraw consent to their processing by MorekTECH Radosław Morek as part of the portal. If you think that at some point, the service has not fulfilled the duties, something does not work as it should, please let me know because it will help me implement the necessary changes.

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    the purposes of processing my personal datathe categories of data that are to be processedabout potential other entities to whom my data may or have been disclosedthe period of storage of my personal datathe information about the entitlements of the data subjectthe right to lodge a complaint with the supervisory authoritythe source of my personal data if they have not been collected from me by the administratorof automated decision-making in the field of personal data

    I conclude:
    On the basis of the right to withdraw consent to the processing of my personal data, I hereby withdraw my consent.

    Pursuant to par. 1 sec. 9 of the privacy policy, we reserve the right to process your data after withdrawal of consent only in the scope of seeking possible claims before the court or if national or EU regulations or international law oblige us to retain data.


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    By using this form, you agree to the storage and processing of your data via the vortal belonging to MorekTECH Radosław Morek.

    Anonymous request for access to data

    An anonymous request for access to the data is simply an inquiry about the type of personal data being processed. This request does not constitute withdrawal of the right to process personal data by MorekTECH Radosław Morek as part of the portal, subject to the provisions of the privacy policy.





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