Techniki Wytwarzania i Procesy Technologiczne without competition 馃槈

Is vortal has no competition? The answer is YES and NO! This is due to several reasons. First of all, full-text articles are published on the vortal as posts to which everyone has access! Secondly, many other publishers only provide selected articles as part of their websites. In many cases it is necessary to purchase a subscription. Additionally, as part of the technologicalprocess.com聽vortal articles are published in the form of PDF files for download. Some of the content is extended from the original post (article). Now only these PDF files are paid.

The natural way of development is the recently launched YouTube, whose potential you will only be able to express.聽Selected films have subtitles in English.

Statistics on the vortal

04.2018 05.2018 06.2018 09.2018 10.2018 11.2018
Number of content views 9144 9902 11395 6073 10793 11763
Average number of content views per day 305 319 380 202 348 392
Downloaded PDF files *) 15018
New users 3499 3375 4029 2378 4201 4756

*)聽 The number of downloaded files referenced from the beginning (2014) of the vortal’s existence.

In the months of November 2017, January, June, October, November and December 2018, the number of content views exceeded

> 10.000

Users’ bounce rate, which, however, is not fully applicable to the portal due to the fact that each entry is a separate full-text article . The second item represents the average number of pages viewed by the user per day. The last 3rd position is the average time spent by the user on the vortal website.

Comparison of the data classification according to Alexa selected vertical portals and portal technology related to metal and machine聽 industry (23.01.2018):

Wg Alexa

stan na 23.01.2018

Average time spent by a user on the day 聽[min] 04:57 bd. bd. 01:48 00:19 3:28


Vortal is classified (table) on the second position. The classification depends on many factors. These data show that a specific form of the vortal as a source of technological knowledge is correct.

An important role is played by the official facebook page – As of 29.12.2018, this site has 629 likes, and the number of people to whom the entries in total and those sponsored additionally hit the month of September 2017 exceeded 11,000.

Selected keywords

Selected positions in google search engine (as of: 23.01.2018). The introduced links lead to current search results:

Part of the results is related to the portal, which I am also the editor-in-chief and owner.

A bit about the vortal

The first entries on the vortal date from February 2015, but were officially recognized on April 4, 2015 as the official date of public access to the content of the vortal for those interested. The vortal was created in response to the lack of such sources of knowledge on the Internet in Poland and the rest of the world. Target groups: engineers, technologists, operators, students, enthusiasts of manufacturing techniques and organization of technological processes.

Advertisement on the vortal

There are the following forms of advertising on the vortal:

  1. Placement of a product or service banner on the home page and subpages, categories or within specific articles.
  2. Placing a product or service banner in PDF files for download.
  3. It is possible to place banners in the content of a given article (box-type banner) or a vignette type (630×90 px).
  4. Introduction to the content of a given article or selected articles of the description along with graphics, photos of product and / or service data under the condition of recognized substantive conformity. Form: frame, distinction with the name of the advertiser and link (link) to the indicated advertiser’s internet resource. You can enter this type of advertising into existing (archival) items. Banners (p.1 and 2) can be a supplement.

The following illustration shows the main page: - banery na stronie g艂贸wnej

Price list

Each time, prices are set individually, which is especially related to point 4 describing the forms of advertising (volume, method of introducing into the content). Combining forms of advertising also affects the final cost. For these reasons, the prices listed below should be regarded as indicative and the final costs are determined individually.

Below is an overview price list for the vortal home page:

  • Vignette banner (800×100 px) – monthly exposure – 225.00 – 500.00 PLN net.
  • Box type banner (300×300 px; 300×250 px) – monthly exposure – 180,00 PLN net.
  • Button type banner (300×100 px, 300×150 px) – monthly exposure – 100,00 PLN net.

Below is an overview price list for subpages, including entries (articles) of the vortal:

  • Box type banner (300×300 px, 300×250 px) – monthly exposure – PLN 120,00 net.
  • Button’s banner (300×100 px, 300×150 px) – monthly exposure – PLN 65,00 net.

Benefits for advertisers

  • The basic principle is reliable development of articles and quick response in case of identified or reported shortcomings. In the case of this type of vortal its value is determined by its substantive reliability.
  • Potentially unlimited circulation with very long advertising time for PDF files and advertisements in the form of sponsored content in selected articles (p.4 advertising forms). PDF files developed once are not modified except for technical corrections. Advertising in the form of a product description and / or service as a supplement to the content (p. 4 forms of advertising) unless the individual arrangements will constitute a restriction remain in the article for a fixed period or for life.
  • Reaching the following target groups: engineers, technologists, operators, students, enthusiasts of manufacturing techniques and organization of technological processes.



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